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Turning Challenges into
and Playing to Win!

The Puzzler Company

We help solve PROBLEMS.
We help solve TEAMS.

The Puzzler Company is a team of artist-leaders known for

innovating the process of innovation.


Our keynotes, workshops, consulting, and problem-solving "GAMEs"

empower organizations from the business, arts, and education sectors

to crack the code to creative success.

GAME of Innovation- Full Book - SINGLE PAGE_Page_001.jpg

Our full-color, illustrated book

on innovating with teams

will be released March 2022!

The Puzzler Company is led by

thought leader, author, speaker, consultant,

and multi-genre musician David Cutler. 

His team and events are led by

a diverse group of artist-innovators.

DC GAME Master.jpeg

During a period marked by constant and exponential change,

how prepared is your organization to meet the moment? 

Take The Test of INNOVATION to find out...

(click on image below)

Innovation Test.jpg