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9 Powerhouse Tips on Career & Financial Success

In a cutthroat world where disruptive technology change and exponential change have rewritten all the rules, success requires much more than talent and hard work. Learn nine big ideas that help 21st century citizens thrive.


Duration: 60- to 90-minutes

The Creative Genius Equation

Envisioning a successful future for your organization is exciting, but when the rubber hits the road, many companies fail to deliver results necessary to build or sustain that dream. Learn four essential keys that help create breakthrough changes and fill in the pieces of that future. Compelling stories from work with blue chip clients and nonprofits around the world inspire listeners to step up their game-changing strategies.


Duration: 60-minutes

Presented by
Patti Dobrowolski
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Presented by
Lance LaDuke
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Surviving the Robot Uprising

Technologies such as AR, VR, AI, sensors, blockchain, 3D printing, robots, and sensors are transforming our lives at a dizzying pace. Our homes, health and habits are now upgradeable. Many jobs of tomorrow have yet to be invented. Savvy thinkers can use lessons from the past and projections of the future to anticipate and create opportunities to navigate uncharted waters. 


Duration: 60-minutes

Presented by
David Cutler
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The Best in the World

Imagine the benefits of being the best in the world. More money. More opportunities. More media. More demand. More impact. But what would that take, and is it truly realistic for you to claim this mantle? This presentation unveils a framework for doing just that.


Duration: 30- to 60-minutes

Doing the Wrong Thing

Part autobiography, part strategy session, part call-to-action, this inspirational TED-like presentation questions a host of assumptions about what it takes to succeed in contemporary society. Emerge with a new perspective on how to get ahead, realize your dreams, and make your mark.


Duration: 30- to 60-minutes

The G.A.M.E. of Life

What if life were a game? With numerous obstacles and unexpected gifts along the journey, winning requires strategy, perseverance, and luck (though successful people find ways to increase their quotient). Which games should you play, and what strategies are most likely to pay off?


Duration: 45- to 60-minutes

Puzzler OVERTURES are engaging, inspirational, action-oriented keynotes.

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