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Innovation GAMEs

The Puzzler Company specializes in designing and facilitating immersive innovation GAMEs. 


Our GAMEs  are quite different from anything most participants have experienced previously. Equally focused on product and process, these team-based events empower 1-12 teams to solve a meaningful creative challenge. 

The following three videos, showcasing one of our premier programs, provide an idea of how many GAMEs look and feel. Here is a 2-minute popcorn video overview.

During this more detailed video, hear from participants and learn about the types of activities that regularly play a role in Puzzler GAMEs. 

Most events end with teams pitching proposals during what we call "The Reveal." Whether concepts are fused together or vie for adoption, competitions add excitement and amplify ambition.

How might an innovation GAME help your business or community solve the future while improving as a team? Contact The Puzzler Company to discuss your needs and dreams.

Other Projects

During this 2-day innovation GAME, around 100 participants on ten teams reimagined a boring, used bus as a buzz-worthy mobile space that catalyzes creative collaboration. 30 of these participants were with us for an entire week to focus on creativity, facilitation techniques, and GAME design.

In this program, 250 college educators and administrators worked on teams to reimagine undergraduate curricula that emphasizes distinct, 21st century values. 

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to do something meaningful that honored front line workers during this international pandemic. Celebrating Local Heroes involved vignette videos, 10 public events aboard "The Concert Truck" honoring various professions, and a community conversation. This video introduces our ten amazing heroes.


Puzzler keynotes are provocative, high energy, and action oriented. Focused on personal/organizational success, they often involve elements like music and drawing. 

In this quick summary, Patti shows how a detailed drawing of your current state of affairs and desired future provides a clear road map of how to get there.

Interestingly, doing the "wrong" thing offers a powerful strategy for unprecedented success. David will show you how.