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About You

Let's face it. You've got a WHOPPER of a problem.      Perhaps you or your organization must:

Innovate the Future

Change (When

Change is Hard)

Stand Out

from the Crowd


Institutional Culture


Income & Impact

Build Consensus

Promote Your Idea

Move from

Success to Significance

Get Something Done

Stop the pain


So you build a problem-solving community that dives in valiantly. 

But solutions are underwhelming, a far cry from the bold visioning required. Proposals feel oddly

familiar--repackaged status quo with minor surface tweaks. 

Worse yet, your team is at odds. Competing priorities and a lack of focus mean conversation

leaps unpredictably, possibly landing in paralysis. 

What should you do?

About Puzzler

Team in Color transparent.png

The Puzzler Company is a team of artist-innovators who have studied, deconstructed, and reimagined the process of innovation.


Balancing PROCESS and STRATEGY, we take design thinking to new heights, turning business and organizational challenges into engaging innovation GAMEs that inspire the remarkable.

Whether your challenge feels like an obstacle or opportunity, we can help!

Why We're Necessary


In an era where constant change is requisite to survive—let alone thrive—success often requires spotting treasure where others see only roadblocks (or worse, nothing…).


It demands building bold, aligned, nimble, collaborative, inventive institutional cultures, while designing strategic frameworks to solve complex problems with uncommon results.

Known for innovating innovation, The Puzzler Company helps individuals and organizations master the art and craft of creative problem-solving.


While our approach is applicable to any challenge, we specialize in:

  • Arts and culture

  • Career, business, and financial success strategies

  • Creativity cultivation

  • Curriculum development and educational design

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Entrepreneurial ventures and mindsets

  • Event and product design

  • Expanding reach, impact, and ambition

  • Identifying and amplifying distinct, core values

  • Institutional culture

  • Opportunity identification/creation

  • Personal and professional aspirations

  • Reimagining status quo

  • Strategic marketing

  • Team unity

How We're Different

What framework?

What conditions?

What tools?

What process?





We Reimagined Innovation

While design thinking has become a celebrated phenomenon, it is just one of a hundred ways to solve a problem. Known for innovating innovation, The Puzzler Company’s flexible, powerful approach is applicable to a wide range of challenges and sectors.

We Gamify Problem-Solving

Our methodology turns problems into GAMEs. This engaging approach makes problem-solving fun while generating extraordinary results. GAME stands for:









We Boost Teams

Even the best intentioned groups suffer from misalignment, personality prickliness, and leadership flaws. A host of Puzzler Company tools can help!


We Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse teams are exponentially more likely than homogenous ones to discover the extraordinary. Though this approach introduces challenges, it also cultivates empathy, sensitivity, and growth potential. Our programs are known for engaging varied participant mosaics spanning a range of ages, specialties, and backgrounds. 


We are Creative Artists

Creativity is embedded within our souls. In addition to working as lauded speakers, authors, and problem-solving facilitators, Puzzler Company leaders are highly trained artist-innovators with collective backgrounds in music, dance, theatre, and visual art. 


Recent Clients

The Puzzler Company specializes in helping the business, education, and arts sectors. A few recent clients include:


Frito Lay.png
Providence Health.jpeg
Indiana Casino.jpg


Lincoln Park.png

African Leadership University


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