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Unlocking Innovation

Contrary to popular belief, breakthrough ideas are rarely the result of supernatural Eureka inspiration. Rather, innovators possess a toolbox of techniques.

After examining secrets to creative success, learn three powerful approaches to generating remarkable, uncommon solutions.


Duration: 60- to 90-minutes


Problem-solving is a team sport. Yet even the most devoted puzzlers are notorious for losing focus and getting off track. Thanks to the miracle of metaphorical technology, the five lenses of Great Gaming Goggles™ offer a powerful approach to aligning your community and boosting productivity.


Duration: 60-minutes


Particularly Prickly Personalities

Human beings are intelligent, kind, clever, creative, collaborative, funny, and good. They are also imperfect, complicated, neurotic, quirky, hypersensitive, awkward, and wholly insecure. Explained another way, people can by prickly. Examine common species of these personality quirks, matched by anecdotes for overcoming challenges they present.


Duration: 60-minutes

The Hardest Choice of All

In this great, vast universe, how can you possibly choose a planet? The inability to decide has marked the downfall of many a problem-solver. Discover a host of strategies for making better choices.


Duration: 45- to 60-minutes


When solving problems, unfettered creative exploration is imperative. But how can you tell if ideas are any good? What works, what might be better, and what really needs to change? Critical feedback is is crucial. This workshop explores a host of techniques for better giving and receiving critique.

Duration: 60 minutes



Facilitators need not be the CEO, department head, or other executive with a corner suite. Critical, however, is finding a leader who understands and relishes the gig. Quite different from teaching or consulting, effective facilitators are masters at guiding the process and building consensus.


Duration: 60 minutes

Problem-Solve with a Gameboard

Some problems are best approached with a gameboard, or single-page diagram that illustrates the interrelatedness of crucial parameters. How might this tool prove pivotal to your challenge?


Duration: 90- to 120-minutes

Draw Your Future

See how a simple picture can change your life – even if you can’t draw! Participants capture their current state of business/life, and then build bold steps into the desired new reality they’ve dreamed about. Leave with a clear, compelling action plan to build upon each week, bringing about desired changes. Techniques taught here are adaptable for individual, business, organization, or team use.


Duration: 60- to 90-minutes

The Opportunity—and Challenge—of Diversity

Diversity is key to building highly creative teams. But it also introduces challenges around communication, power dynamics, and contrasting worldviews. This workshop introduces a number of techniques that cultivate healthy, respectful communities.


Duration: 60- to 90-minutes

Puzzler workshops are interactive active strategy sessions on collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork.  


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